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The end of Persona Weather for iPhone

For reasons outside of my control, as of today Persona Weather for iPhone will no longer be available in the iTunes Music Store. 

I enjoyed working on the app, getting email from many of you, and reading all of the reviews. Together, from all of your wonderful suggestions, the app blossumed into something really cool. I couldn't have done it without you, and my heart aches that this must all come to an end. 

Thank you all for your feedback and support. If it is ever allowed to surface again, I'll let you all know about it.


Achievements aren't working... I know...

So, the recent Apple hack has disabled a lot of the developer portal, if you didn't know. This means that the entitlements that enable Achievements for my app aren't updated. This means that Achievements will not work until Apple fixes their stuff, and I resubmit the app. As a result, you're probably not going to have achievements working for another few weeks. I have everything ready on my end. All I need is for Apple to get the developer portal up and running, and then I can submit within the hour of that happening.


I am ready. Set. And so sorry for this problem. I worked really hard to add all this stuff, and it is so frustrating to have these problems be beyond my control. I hope you enjoy all the other features in the meanwhile.


Persona Weather 2.0 is live on the App Store!

Persona Weather 2.0 is now live on the App Store! YAY!
A few words...
First, the error handling in the past gave a generic message of "I can't see through the fog" or whatever. This error could occur over 20 times throughout the app. How it worked was if there was an error when getting the current conditions, loading the weather map, or downloading the five day forecast, the error would be given. Recently, the last two weeks have had an error rate of about 40%. That's inexcusable. What occurred was the weather service changed the five day forecast information and that was the cause of all the crashing. Now, the only thing that will generate a "fog" error is if the current conditions can't be loaded. If the five day error occurs again (I've updated to their latest API so it shouldn't have errors, but if it does...) the app will continue to give you the current conditions. What will occur now is that the five day forecast screen will just display question marks to let you know that it couldn't at that moment get you the five day forecast. 
The error rate for the app used to hover around 5%, which I found acceptable. Hell, I'd be ok if it was double that at 10%. But 40% was not acceptable. I can't begin to appologize for the last two weeks. The update would have hit sooner, but then that whole "Apple Dev Center is hacked" fiasco occurred, and I was shut out from working on the app. If errors occur again, the turnaround will be much faster, hopefully. But, the app should continue to give you current conditions in the chance of errors.
So, that's good progress.
As for the rest of the app, read the patch notes below. Thanks again for supporting the app, and fell free to "Contact Me" with any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, or whatever. Want to tell me who your favorite character is? I'd love to know. Have a feature suggestion? Send it to me! Want to submit some dialogue for the next update? Give it your best shot! We are all working to make this app better; I can't do it without your feedback. Thanks again!
* new characters 
* new dialogue 
* character selector 
* new music 
* shuffle music option 
* voice clips 
* new backgrounds 
* holiday greetings 
* S. Links 
* Achievements 
* better error handling 
* weather map 
* alternative location / non-location services! 
* high/low temperatures in five day forecast 
* international support 
IMPORTANT: I've changed on bit of controls. To view the weather map, swipe down on the current conditions screen. This is changed because you now swipe up to view Game Center. 

First, visit the to make any changes you want like song and character selection, or to see what's changed. 

And, email me if you have any problems. I respond quickly and never with a generic answer. 

A brief word on errors/fog: It used to be that if the five-day forecast couldn't be fetched, the entire app would give the "fog" error. Now, if the five-day can't be gotten when the app is launched, it will still display the current conditions and weather map. Also, I've written specifically that if you get the "fog" error to wait a little bit before trying again. I think this will REALLY help with the errors that occur outside of my control with the weather service I use! 

# # New Characters # # 
I added more P3 characters as asked. If you are still looking for Junpei, Yukari, and others, you'll have to use the app on days with a full moon. I think the breakdown is as such: 7 from the Investigation Team, 13 from the P4 NPCs, and 10 from P3 NPCs, and 5 from P3 SEES. 

# # New Dialogue # # 
There are now well over 100 different dialogues in the app! 

# # Character Selector # # 
This was a compromise. I didn't want this in the app because I knew full well what most of you would do: enable it for only Naoto and Rise! 
There are now 5 options to choose from: 
1: Persona 4 Investigation Team 
2: Persona 4 NPCs 
3: Persona 3 NPCs 
4: Girls only 
5: Boys only 
If you only want the Investigation Team, or only NPCs, or whatever, you can. No, I am not going to enable it so you can just have Rise give you the weather; trust me, you'd get bored after a while. And, if you do want just the girls, you have that option, but be warned because Kashiwagi and Nanako are girls too! I will not include an option to have just 3 or 4 characters, so there will not be a "Girls only" version for just the Investigation Team. 

But, to make it up to you, the "Summertime!" option puts certain characters into their beach attire. 

# # shuffle music option # # 
This option plays a different song every time you launch the app. 

# # voice clips # # 
Certain characters will shout out random voice clips when they check the weather. 

# # new backgrounds # # 
The background will change at random to about a dozen different locations from Persona 4 Arena. Enabled by default because I think they look amazing and make the app seem much more alive. 

# # holiday greetings # # 
Special holiday greetings on certain days, like New Years, Thanksgiving, and on Japanese holidays (Golden Week, and such). 

# # S. Links # # 
Yeah, so this is where I started to get crazy. You can now S. Link up with members of the Investigation Team! The more you encounter a character, the more your S. Link level ranks up. Swipe left and right on the current conditions screen to check your current S. Link levels. 

# # Achievements # # 
Now, you can unlock achievements via Game Center. Like S. Links, it works by encountering certain characters several times, or by checking the weather at certain times. Swipe up on the current conditions screen to view. 

# # better error handling # # 
Already explained above. 

# # Future Updates # # 
I will put in weather/temperature charts 

Please, as always, feel free to email me with any feedback, problems, or suggestions. It's a lot of fun conversing with you all to find out what you want, how you use the app, where you all are from (lots of German people, it seems), and whatnot. Email me about anything, really. 

Thank you all for using the app! This is a huge update for me, so please email me any bugs and "bear" with me some. Thank you!

Persona Weather Update 2013-07-26

Huge update submitted today. Should fix a lot of "constant fog" bugs. Also, there's a ton of stuff added. Be sure to update next week when it comes out, and keep on emailing me your feedback, questions, and suggestions. Here's a sample of the changes in the version submitted today on 2013-07-26.

* new characters 
* new dialogue 
* character selector 
* new music 
* shuffle music option 
* voice clips 
* new backgrounds 
* holiday greetings 
* S. Links 
* Achievements 
* better error handling 


Persona 4 Weather stats and updates

Well, we've come a long way. When I started the app, it was basically a novelty app, but so many people used it that I had to add more stuff. 


Anyway, in the latest update that went live last night, I included some Stat Hat code to help me determine how people are using the app. Roughly 24 hours later, here are some figures.

Total downloads of the app are 1731 users with 1332 having updated (so, that might be the current user list?)

In the first 24 hours, 4700 weather updates have been given.

There have been a total of 91 errors.

The error rate is roughly 2%

Not bad! Thanks for everyone who is using the app, and to those who ask, here's the current TODO list:


More dialogue
Allow custom names
Voice Clips
Weather chart/temps for the day